Public Art

“Sunshine Bike Rack”

Word Revolt Art Gallery

Olivia Warro was recently commissioned to build a functional bike rack for Word Revolt Gallery. The bike rack was installed in early 2021.


Atlantic Coast High School

Olivia Warro was selected by Atlantic Coast High School staff to build a memorial sculpture for her former high school teacher. After creating several maquettes, Olivia settled on a design resembling her previous public artwork. This Stingray sculpture was completed in 2020, and was installed in 2021. The completed Stingray stands at seven feet in height.


JWJ Park

In 2018, Olivia Warro designed and built a maquette that was selected by the public to become a large-scale Deer sculpture. The eight-foot-tall Deer was completed in 2019. The sculpture found a home in Jacksonville’s beloved JWJ Park.

Sculpture Professor Jenny Hager, the Haskell Foundation, and MOCA Jacksonville contributed to this project.

“Jumbo Shrimp”

Seaside Sculpture Park

Whether it be the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, Mayport shrimp boats pulling in fresh shrimp, or the Shrimp Festival–Jacksonville loves shrimp. “Bubba” the Jumbo Shrimp was conceived in 2017 and built in 2018 by Olivia Warro. The completed sculpture’s antenna reach up ten feet into the air

Bubba was first installed at the Seaside Sculpture Park in Jacksonville Beach, FL. The sculpture was later sold to benefit UNF and will find his new home along Mayport Road. Bubba was funded by the Lazzarra Family, with special thanks to Professor Jenny Hager for coordinating the project.

“Fort Caroline Mural”

Fort Caroline Middle School of the Arts

As an art teacher, Olivia Warro helped to create a mural that allowed for all of her students to be involved in a real public art project.

“Mayport Mural Project”

Word Revolt Art Gallery

As an associate of Word Revolt, Olivia Warro helped with a mural project that allowed for the community to be involved in a real public art project.

Gallery Experience

Throughout her time within the arts community, Olivia Warro has had many opportunities to work with art galleries. Olivia has experience in public institutions hanging and displaying artworks. Olivia sits on the non-profit board of Word Revolt Gallery, located in Atlantic Beach, FL.

“Zoo Lights”

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Every year, the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens decorates their walkways with a collection of public sculptures for patrons to enjoy. In 2017, Olivia had the opportunity to create her first public artwork, a four-foot-tall steel panther that playfully engages with visitors.

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