Rethreaded: Flight Exhibition

In 2018, the Flight Exhibition was conceived as a collaboration between Professor Jenny Hager and the Reathreaded Organization. This display was created to help benefit and spread awareness about the victims of human trafficking.  More information about Rethreaded can be found here.

An eight-foot-tall bird cage stood in stark contrast to hundreds of sewn birds. These birds ‘flew’ freely around the Lufrano Gallery to represent freedom from their cages, comparatively the survivors of human trafficking who created Rethreaded were set free from their circumstances.

On opening night, the UNF Choir performed alongside the Flight Exhibition. The amazing women from Rethreaded also set up merchandise, the profits benefited their Organization.

Iron Wedding

The 2018 International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art (ICCCIA) took place in Scranton, PA. The Iron Wedding Performance, coordinated by Jenny Hager, was the grand finale of the conference. The Iron Wedding was a real wedding, Maggie McVey was ordained in order to marry Nicole and Nik James.

Olivia participated in the Iron Wedding by building and welding props, coordinating different furnaces, and giving cues to their crews.  The performance itself involved several furnaces, fire spinners, other performers, and costumes.

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