Process – Antique Restoration

Singer 66 Sewing Machine

The original state of this Singer brand sewing machine was rough. It was found in a flea-market setting that was not climate controlled. Rust and water damage were clearly visible. Someone had removed the center drawer in order to add an aftermarket foot-pedal. The machine did not function.

The Sewing Machine’s legs were powder coated in satin black by Olivia Warro, at East Coast Powder Coating. The process first includes sand-blasting, then pretreating, preheating, powder coating, and then baking powder onto the piece.

Before and after: The sewing machine cabinet had peeling veneer and sections had to be glued and repaired. The machine was then stripped and stained before finishing it with lacquer and reassembling. The machine itself was meticulously cleaned, the add-on motor and foot pedal were removed, and oil was added to help things run properly. Finally, a new leather belt was installed to allow for the original foot pedal’s function. No more rust or grime, she functions beautifully!


This salvaged motor was removed from a separate sewing machine. It originally did not function. The wiring was removed and replaced. After cleaning and reassembly, the motor functions properly.

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